role playing game

Role-playing game

A role-playing game, often abbreviated to RPG, RPG or RPG (English role-playing game ) is a game where players take on the role of one or more characters and through the conversation and the dialectic exchange creates an imaginary space, where fictitious, adventurous facts take place in a narrative environment that can inspire a novel, film, or other creative source, historical or pure invention. The rules of a role play indicate how, when and to what extent, each player can influence the imagined space.

role playing game

A player called dungeon master (or “gamemaster,” “guardian,” “narrator” etc.) conducts the game session, creates the setting, and prepares a canvas of the story. He proposes to players the situations in which their characters are located, asking them what they want to do. Players declare the actions they perform their characters, describing them or reciting them. The master dungeon then decides the outcome of these actions, consistent with the setting and the rules of the game. Each character is characterized by a variety of features depending on the type of role play (e.g., strength, dexterity, intelligence, charisma, and so on) defined by scores describing their abilities. The actions taken in the game succeed or fail according to a system of formal rules and guidelines.

The term role-playing is often used indiscriminately to describe four types of games, which differ mainly in the means used for their management :

Table, paper, roulette, or role-playing cards and pencil games, around which a group of people is gathered, using paper, pencils, nuts, and possibly thumbnails.
Live Role Playing Games (sometimes abbreviated with Live Action Role-playing, GRV or LARP ), which are derived from table games, engaging in live (life) session of costume players during which they come sometimes use replicas of martial arts and choreographies, depending on the genre. See Stardew Valley Wiki guide for more information.
Online role-playing games, the remote version of board games, where players use media like chat and email to communicate and build history.
Role Playing Games (sometimes abbreviated as CRPGs ) are also originally derived from table games and based on fairly similar concepts played by one or more players in the latter typically connected via the Internet. Role-playing games include the Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game ( MMORPG ) online role-playing game where the character created by the player interacts with many other participants and is developed into a permanent virtual world managed on the Internet.

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